Restaurants I recommend:

There are many great places to eat in Komae, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, etc.

 I encourage you to do your own research with your choice also.

Mama Pasta: https://www.giraud.co.jp/mamma/ 

Good family Italian restaurant about 8 min. walk. Very busy on weekends, better to make a reservation with Japanese

Set Lip: https://setlip.com/ja/reservation

Spanich/Italian restaurant in Seijyo, 2 stations toward Shinjyuku, then about 5 min. walk. Very small restaurant but  busy on weekends.  better to make a reservation 5 days in advance over the internet above.

Kura Sushi: https://www.kurasushi.co.jp/en/  


A palace fit for a king. Best place on the list. This is a Conveyor Belt Sushi place that the Wai Wai community has loved for years and years. You will often see photos of our many trips there on the screensaver in the lounge. You can order from a tablet with an English menu or you can take straight from the conveyor belt. All the normal plates are 125 yen each and every 5 plates you put into the trash disposal, you get to play a game with a chance to win a prize. It gets very busy on weekends and is popular with families so consider going on a weekday. Just follow the main road through east komae, past bikkuri donki and ganso karaage and you will eventually find it on the right hand side. 

Bikkuri Donki:


is a hamburger… patty restaurant. If you’re American, it’s like Sloppy Joes with sides. No buns. English menus and tablet orders, medium price. It’s on the big long road toward Kurasushi. From wai wai lounge turn left, then left again and follow the road past bamboo house until you reach a gas station. Turn right and follow the main road on the right side. 

Ganso Karaage


This is a fried chicken shop, its super greasy in a good way. Follow the road past bikkuri donki on the same side and you’ll see it. It’s nearby the building with the Giant Gorilla.  

Around Komae Station

Matsuya (budget)

has lots of Gyuudon (shredded beef on rice) as well as many sides. You order via a machine with English options and give the ticket printed by the machine to the staff after you sit down. Service is very fast and zero Japanese is needed. When you leave, you simply leave your tray on the table. It’s right in front of Komae Station. Avg Price 500-700.I recommend the Korean bibimbap.

Hakosoba (budget)


is just inside Komae station, next to the 7/11 on the left side. 
They have a ticket machine that accepts coins and cash with kanji characters on the buttons. Just match the kanji on the picture menu outside with the kanji on the buttons. Take the ticket printed by the machine to the window and say “SOBA DE” for soba or “UDON DE” for udon. Soba is thin, Udon is fat. I recommend the Duck or the Chikuwa. Avg Price 500-600.

Nakau (budget)

To find it, go through Komae station to the other side and turn left. Walk down the hill, past the barriers and you will find it on the left side. It has a touchscreen machine with English options, just select Dine In, choose what you want, and give your ticket to the staff after you sit down. The service is very fast. I recommend the regular katsudon, its pork cutlet with omelet on top of rice. If you don’t eat pork, they also serve a chicken and omelet meal with many sides to choose from. Avg Price 500-700

Middle range stuff

Doutor (Medium)  

is just inside Komae Marche. Enter Komae station and turn right, heading through the automatic doors. You will see it just on the left. If you’re homesick and just want a sandwich and coffee, or some pasta, you can find it here. It’s pricier than the Japanese fast-food I listed earlier, but that’s what you get for eating foreign. No ticket machine, so you have to order yourself. Pointing at the menu should be fine.

Mitsuyado Seimen

is a fancier ramen place with lots of specialty dishes. The average price is 900-1100. I don’t really have a recommendation because I’m loyal to the next one. This one has a ticket machine with English, so no problem ordering despite the higher price. 

Daruma no Me

is my favourite ramen place in komae, its right in front of the station, just go down the hill past the Matsuya and turn left. Its distinctive slanted wall is easy to see. It has a machine with English options, just print the ticket and sit down and give it to the staff. They may ask you for your noodle’s “Yarikata” or “Tsukurikata” just say “Futsuu” if you don’t understand. My recommendation is the Taiwan Ramen, its very spicy and very tasty. 

Daisho Suisan

 is a Japanese seafood restaurant. You can eat lots of fresh caught stuff here like crab, sashimi, sushi and more.  There is no ticket machine in here and I’m honestly not sure if they have English menu either. Try your best! The price is much higher than the other options. Avg price is 750-1600. Also includes course dining. Easy to find, just go to Komae station, turn left and follow the hill down past the Matsuya to the Seven Eleven and Daiso. It’s right there on the right. 

Odakyu OX (Bonus)

This isn’t a restaurant, it’s more like a food court. But you need to eat Sweet Potato Pie-yaki once before you die. Go in the doors and walk around until you find this stall. Get Pie-yaki. Trust Me. 



You can get served by a robot waiter! It’s a basic American style diner, you order food off a little tablet with an English menu, and there are also paper menus. You can get free coffee and soft drink refills if you pay for Drinks Bar access. There’s club sandwiches and stuff but also full meals like burgers and fries. This is on the long straight road that heads toward the train tracks from the Family Mart nearest to the lounge. It’s pretty hard to miss, just keep going until you see it.

Opposite the Jonathans, you can find Domino’s pizza ! It’s a bid expensive now for no reason but you can go online to find deals and promo codes. 

Gota Bar:


This is THE local spot for Komae. It’s a bar ran by long-time friend of the lounge Gota. Its classy, it has live music and great appetizers included in your table charge. The table charge is 300 yen at the door per person, and the cheapest drink is 568 yen. I recommend the Rum Buck, its rum with ginger ale. It’s on the same side of the street as Jonathans, just look for the sign and head down the steps to the basement. 



Saigon is a Wai Wai favourite, we’ve been going for years. It has Indian/Nepalese/Vietnamese fusion food. Average price is 700-1100 but the portions are big. The Chahan is great and so is the Saigon Curry. Its only 5 minutes away, on the street with the Family Mart on the corner. Just turn right instead of left. English/Japanese menus, no ticket system, so please just order after you sit down. The staff is very friendly.

East Komae!

On the east side of Komae you can find these places! Turn left from the komae red doors (facing out) and turn left at the road for Bamboo house. Pass bamboo house and you’ll come to an intersection facing a gas station. Stay on your side of the road and turn right. Follow that road and you’ll reach places like: 

Maps :You can find Saigon, Bikkuri Donki, Ganso Karaage and Kura Sushi along the same road. There are a few ways to get there, but they take roughly the same amount of time!

Around Komae Station you can find Nakau, Jonathans, Matsuya, Hakosoba and Odakyu OX. They are all within a very short distance of one another and I’m sure you’ll easily find them from the pictures.  Enjoy!